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Fullstack Developer fresher job in coimbatore


In 2016, an ambitious team of innovative minds entered the EdTech arena to build solutions that could transfigure the future of education. Founded as Examly, our team skyrocketed towards the goal through precision engineering and the deployment of modern technological attributes. With a timeline of rapid & successive advancements, we are currently iamneo – the leading AI-powered EdTech organisation headquartered in the emerging tech hub of India – Coimbatore.

About job:

Job brief

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to build and maintain web applications. Collaborate with the team to create user-friendly interfaces and handle back-end functionality. Strong interest in learning and contributing to both front-end and back-end development is essential


  • Develop and impeccably sustain web applications, heralding both front-end and back-end excellence, while ensuring stellar performance, responsiveness, and user-friendliness.

  • Work closely with designers and product experts to turn what users want into technical solutions that are easy to use.

  • Craft code that's not only clean and efficient but also aligns with the best practices and coding standards.

  • Participate actively in code reviews, blending constructive critiques with continuous improvement suggestions.

  • Showcase your trouble-shooting acumen by debugging application stack issues, unlocking bottlenecks, and exorcising inefficiencies.

  • Champion collaboration within your team, masterminding software projects from inception to fruition, all while adhering to deadlines and delivering excellence.

  • Stay on the cusp of cutting-edge trends, emerging technologies, and web development best practices, infusing fresh ideas to enhance our products.

  • Contribute not only code but also knowledge to foster a positive team environment, mentoring junior developers and enlivening discussions.


  • Proficiency in AngularJS or ReactJS, bolstered by an adept grasp of TypeScript or JavaScript.

  • Command over NodeJS, accompanied by fluency in crafting MYSQL queries.

  • NoSQL expertise, if present, is considered an additional feather in your cap.

  • A trailblazer in cloud-based, production-ready designs, having harnessed the power of AWS or Google Cloud services.

  • Inherent discipline to meticulously document artifacts, coupled with the ability to approach problem-solving from a design-oriented perspective.

  • An insatiable thirst for knowledge, coupled with a steadfast "never give up" attitude, holds more allure than work experience alone.

Experience Level:

Junior Level - 6 months - 2 years

Salary Details:


Apply by link here


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