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Students and professionals are continually presented to inventive strategies of accomplishing ideal data security act in the objective association. Not exclusively will you figure out how to examine, test, hack and verify target frameworks; you will likewise be acquainted with the Five Phases of Ethical Hacking, jumping into Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks. The instruments and methods in every one of these five stages are given in detail in an expansive methodology. The course syllabus is as follows:





Introduction To Ethical Hacking

  • A short intro about me and how I ended up in Hacking

  • What are ethical hacking and their types

  • What are the prerequisites to become an ethical hacker

  • Emerging Technologies in cyber security

  • How cyber security rules in the next 20 years and Why?

  • Vulnerability Assessment Vs Penetration Testing

  • Hacking Methodology

  • Hacking Terminologies

  • Bug Bounty Hunters

  • How to Become a bug bounty hunter

Introduction To Penetration Testing

  • Understand what penetration testing is

  • Understand penetration testing methodologies

  • Understand various penetration testing approaches

  • Nature of the Test (Box Testing)

  • Everything Is Confidential

  • If You Break It, You Bought It

Setting Up a Penetration Testing and Network Security Lab

  • Why Virtualization?

  • Installing VirtualBox

  • Installing Our Vulnerable Machines

  • Installing Our Target Machines

  • Installing our Beast Machine

Final preparation to begin hacking

  • Configuring our hacking Machine

  • Taking a small trip

  • Bash Scripting – Automate the system Updation

  • Elementary Linux commands

  • Networking Basics

How to Stay Anonymous Before you start Hacking

  • Setting up a Tor browser

  • Working With Proxychains

  • Free Proxy Server

  • Setting up and Using a VPN

  • Working MAC Address

Information Gathering – Getting to Know Your Targets

  • Information Gathering and its Types

  • Tools, Methods, and Frameworks

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Importance of Open Source Intelligence

  • Data Mining (OSINT Framework)

  • Specialized Search Engines

  • DNS Footprinting

  • Email Footprinting

  • Finding Website Backend Technologies

  • Automated Tools

  • How Automated Tools Work

  • Tricks that you must know in Info gather

Network Scanning and Enumeration

  • Host Discovery

  • Port Scanning Methods – Complete Guide

  • Version Detection

  • OS Detection

  • Packet Crafting Techniques

  • Automating Port Scanning

  • Samba Enumeration

  • DNS enumeration

  • SSH enumeration

  • HTTP enumeration

  • FTP enumeration

Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis

  • Why we do Vulnerability Scanning and why is it mandatory?

  • Exploring Vulnerable databases

  • Offline Vulnerable Databases

  • Online vulnerable Databases

  • Exploring Searchsploit

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning

  • Finding WEB Vulnerability

  • Finding Vulnerability in CMS

  • Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanning


  • Sniffing and Spoofing the Network

  • Art of Sniffing

  • Network traffic analyzer

  • Sniffing your own network

  • Tools to sniff network traffic

  • ARP poisoning Attack

  • Spoofing Attacks – Explained (Real-time Scenario)


  • Difference between static and dynamic IP

  • Setting Up NGROK

  • Creating Secret Tunnel And File Hosting using NGROK

  • Network-Based Attacks

  • Metasploit Framework

  • Importing 3rd party modules into MSF

  • Msfvenom Utility – Malware Creation – Method 1

  • Malware Creation – Method 2

  • Setting Up Listener – Method 1

  • Setting Up Listener – Method 2

  • Automate the process using SEToolkit

  • Remote Code Execution – Ransomware Exploit

  • Server Side Exploitation

  • Third-Party Exploitation Tools

  • Post Exploitation

  • Help Menu

  • Backgrounding Our Session

  • Networking commands

  • File operation commands

  • Webcam Commands

  • Migrating to safer processes

  • Getting full system rights – privilege escalation

  • Gathering windows password using phishing

  • Maintaining Access – persistence Attacks


  • Password Cracking Techniques

  • How password originated and why?

  • Importance of Using Password

  • Password Cracking Techniques

  • How Password Cracking works

  • Hashes and encoders

  • NTLM/ NTLMv1/v2 / Net-NTLMv1/v2

  • BruteForce Attacks

  • Dictionary Based Attacks

  • Cracking windows password

  • Cracking Linux password

  • Netcat for Ethical Hacking

  • Necat explained and it uses

  • Importance of Netcat

  • Port scanning using Netcat

  • Automation Using Netcat

  • Different flavors of Netcat

  • Reverse Shell using Netcat

  • Bind shell using Netcat

  • Social Engineering Attacks

  • Why Hackers Love Social Engineering Attacks

  • phishing, vishing, and smishing

  • Social Engineering toolkit – explained

  • Setting Up a Phishing Campaign

  • Phishing Outside Network

  • Social engineering attacks with Powershell

  • Social engineering attacks with HTML Application

  • Android Hacking

  • Creating Custom Malware

  • Creating Listener

  • Post exploitation

  • Hacking outside network

  • Wireless Attacks

  • Wireless Concepts

  • Cracking WPA2

  • Creating Custom Password List

  • Getting Wifi Password Using Phishing

  • Web Application Attacks

  • Owasp Top 10 Vulnerabilities

  • Tools For Web Application Attacks

  • Finding Subdomains

  • Finding Sub-Directories

  • Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

  • Sql Injection Attacks

  • File Upload Vulnerabilities

  • Command Injection

  • Anti Forensics

  • Covering Your Track

  • Clearing Attacker Logs

  • TimeStomping



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