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The Complete Angular JS 2023
From Zero to Expert!

The AngularJS course training is a course that teaches people how to create web apps using the JavaScript framework. Directives, controllers, services, and filters are just a few of the foundational concepts covered in the course. The course could also include web development principles including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In order to assist students apply what they have learned to actual issues, the course may incorporate projects, tests, and assignments that require students to programme in real-world scenarios. The course's objective is to provide participants a firm foundation in AngularJS programming and to get them ready for careers in web development.

Angular JS

4 Months

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Angular JS Works

About Angular JS course 

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web application framework for dynamic websites. It is JavaScript-based. It is created by Google and is one of the most popular front-end frameworks on the market right now. A training programme called an AngularJS course teaches learners how to make dynamic, modern, and responsive online programmes. An AngularJS course frequently covers the essentials of the framework, such as directives, data binding, controllers, services, and filters. Students learn how to use these traits to produce online applications that are reliable, scalable, and maintainable. The course also covers more complex topics like dependency injection, modules, and routing. Businesses commonly utilise AngularJS, and there is a high demand for specialists who are familiar with it. Enrolling in an AngularJS training can help people increase their web development skills and professional jobs.

Syllabus of Angular JS course 

1.Introduction to AngularJS:

  • What is AngularJS and why is it useful

  • Basic AngularJS concepts, such as modules, directives, controllers, and services

2.​Building Basic AngularJS Applications:

  • Setting up an AngularJS development environment

  • Creating a simple AngularJS application using controllers, services, and directives

  • Data binding and two-way data binding

3.Working with Forms:

  • Using AngularJS form directives and form validation

  • Implementing custom form validation

4.Building Reusable Components:

  • Creating custom directives and components

  • Creating a custom directive for form input validation

  • Understanding AngularJS scope and inheritance

5.Services and Factories:

  • Using built-in AngularJS services, such as $http and $resource

  • Creating custom services and factories


  • Setting up routes and views in an AngularJS application

  • Using the AngularJS $routeProvider service to configure routes


  • Writing unit tests for an AngularJS application

  • Using Jasmine and Karma for testing

8.Advanced AngularJS Concepts:

  • Understanding dependency injection

  • Using the AngularJS $q service for promises

  • Using the AngularJS $httpBackend service for mocking HTTP requests

  • Using AngularJS animations to add visual effects to an application

How does Angular JS works:

AngularJS works by extending the HTML vocabulary with new tags and attributes, and by binding the data and the behavior of the application to the HTML elements. This is done through a process called "data binding", which allows for seamless synchronization of the model and the view.

When a user interacts with the application, AngularJS automatically updates the view and the model to reflect the changes. This is done through a process called "two-way data binding", which ensures that the model and the view are always in sync. AngularJS also uses a concept called "directives", which are special attributes that can be added to HTML tags to extend their functionality. Directives allow for the creation of reusable components and enable developers to modularize their code and simplify its maintenance.

Future of Angular JS Programming:

Component-Based Architecture: AngularJS creates web applications with the use of a component-based architecture, which provides modularization and enables developers to reuse components throughout the application's lifecycle. Two-Way Data Binding: Two-way data binding allows for seamless synchronisation between the model and the view. It is an AngularJS feature. Directives: AngularJS provides a quick way to create distinctive components and attributes by extending HTML syntax with directives. An approach to managing and organising the code is provided by AngularJS through the usage of services and dependency injection. Routing and navigation: AngularJS makes building single-page applications easier by allowing routing and navigation within a web application. Testing: A strong testing framework is provided by AngularJS to allow developers to test their code and guarantee the application's quality. Integration with other libraries and frameworks: To increase functionality and flexibility, AngularJS may be combined with other libraries and frameworks like React and Vue. By mastering a number of subjects and abilities through an AngularJS course, programmers can construct contemporary, dynamic, and scalable internet programmes.

Angular JS certification & Exam:

Idm Techpark Certification is recognised by all significant international businesses. We offer to freshmen as well as corporate trainees once the theoretical and practical sessions are over. Our Idm Techpark accreditation is recognised all around the world. With the aid of this qualification, you may land top jobs in renowned MNCs throughout the world, increasing the value of your CV. Only after successfully completing our training and practice-based projects will the certification be granted.

Proficiency After Certification:

Once you have a firm understanding of AngularJS, you might be interested in the most recent versions of Angular, such as Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular 8, Angular 9, Angular 10, Angular 11, or Angular 12. These more recent versions offer more features and improvements than AngularJS. In addition to learning more latest versions of Angular, you might want to look into other related technologies such as TypeScript, RxJS, and Node.js. Static typing and other features in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, make the creation of large-scale applications easier. You could also want to learn more about additional front-end frameworks like React and Vue.js in order to diversify your skill set and stay current with current web development trends. As a result, after becoming familiar with AngularJS, the key to mastery is to continue learning and researching related technologies, working on projects, making contributions to open-source initiatives, and staying up to date with business news.

key Features
Skill Level

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.

Course Duration

Course will be 90 hrs to 110 hrs duration with real-time projects and covers both teaching and practical sessions.

Total Learners

We have already finished 100+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Corporate Training in Angular JS course:

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework for building complex web applications, and corporate training in AngularJS can provide employees with the skills and knowledge needed to develop scalable, modular, and responsive applications.

Here are some benefits of corporate training in AngularJS:

  1. Increased productivity: By providing training in AngularJS, employees can become more proficient in building web applications, resulting in increased productivity.

  2. Improved code quality: Employees who receive training in AngularJS can produce higher quality code with fewer bugs and errors, resulting in better user experiences.

  3. Reduced development time: With a better understanding of AngularJS, developers can complete projects faster and with less effort, reducing development time.

  4. Better collaboration: Providing AngularJS training to all team members can help improve collaboration and communication within the team.

  5. Staying competitive: AngularJS is widely used in the industry, and providing training in this technology can help organizations stay competitive and deliver high-quality web applications to customers.

Corporate training in AngularJS can be delivered in a variety of formats, including online training, in-person training, or a combination of both. It can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization, such as focusing on particular features or use cases.

Corporate Training in Angular JS course:

Eligibility Criteria

Placement & Training

Interview Q & A

Resume Preparation

Aptitude Test

Mock Interview

Scheduling Interview

Job Placements

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  • Certified professional trainer.

  • More than 5+ years experience.

  • Trained students by giving real time examples.

  • Strong knowledge of theory and practical

  • Trainers are industry experience.

  • Trainers have Real time project experience in their industry.

  • Students can ask their doubts to the trainer.

  • Trainer prepares students on relevant subjects for the interview.

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