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hackerearth Hiring for fullstack developer job for fresher in coimbatore and chennai

About Company hackerearth fullstack developer jobs in Coimbatore

Presidio is well-known for its expertise in custom applications, comprehensive managed services, and the ability to derive actionable insights from data. In response to growing demand, we are eager to expand our team.

This opportunity marks Presidio’s second coding challenge, targeting dynamic engineers who have 0–2 years of experience in full-stack development. This challenge represents a unique opportunity for emerging talent to join a forward-thinking and innovative tech enterprise.

Challenge Overview:

  • Objective: Construct the core backend and frontend components of a basic application.

  • Expectation: Demonstrate proficiency in integrating both client-side and server-side elements.

  • Objective: Enhance the basic application with complex and innovative features.

  • Expectation: Showcase advanced development capabilities and creative problem-solving.

  • Objective: Go above and beyond by tackling additional challenges.

  • Expectations: Demonstrate exceptional skill and ambition by implementing bonus functionalities.

Recruitment Process:

  • Step 1: Register and unleash your coding ability. You have a 6-hour window to complete your coding exercise.

  • Step 2: After successfully completing the coding challenge, you will proceed to the interview round, where you will have a one-on-one interview with the superheroes of Presidio.

About Company

Company Culture:

We take great pride in being pioneers in the digital transformation, which is happening at a rate never seen before. The distinctive culture at Presidio is the result of our diversified team of highly skilled individuals who all share an intense drive for our customers' success. We believe that prioritizing our people and customers will lead to Presidio's success. 

Presidio is an outstanding place to work because of our bright, inquisitive, hard-working, and collaborative global workforce, which explains why our clients choose us to handle their most challenging technology challenges.


  • Cultivate trust

  • Champion integrity in action.

  • Treat others as you expect to be treated.

  • Show respect, question when necessary.

  • Recognize and develop potential in others.

  • Connect, collaborate, commit, celebrate.

  • Embrace diversity in people and thought.

  • Deliver exceptional value, always.

  • Be confident, yet humble.


Ashish Kumar Verma (Lead Engineer)

"After taking part in a Hackerearth Hackathon, I joined Presidio back in 2020. It's been an exhilarating journey of learning, enjoyment, and personal development. I've had the privilege to contribute to diverse projects spanning data migration, video streaming, high-performance servers, machine learning, and data pipelines. Each project has been as stimulating as the last, offering invaluable experiences and growth opportunities. What sets Presidio apart is its vibrant culture of continuous learning and collaboration. We not only learn from our projects but also actively engage in activities like Hackathons, Master Classes, and other gatherings to exchange knowledge and insights. At Presidio, there's a perfect blend of fun, learning, and professional advancement. The environment fosters creativity and innovation, providing ample opportunities to shine and become a standout performer among our talented peers."



Engineer / Associate Engineer

Experience: 0-2 years

Compensation: INR 9.5 LPA - INR 11.5 LPA

Job Location: Chennai / Coimbatore

Required Skills and Knowledge For Freshers:

Frontend Development:

  • Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Proficiency in any frontend framework with a willingness to learn more.

  • Preferred frameworks: React or Angular.

Backend Development:

  • Solid understanding of REST API concepts.

  • Proficiency in any backend framework with a willingness to learn more.

  • Preferred frameworks: .NET Core or Node.js.

Database Management:

  • Solid understanding of database operations and design.

  • Experience with any database technology, such as MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL.

Version Control:

  • Understanding of version control fundamentals, with knowledge of Git.

Testing and Deployment:

  • Awareness of testing concepts and deployment strategies.

  • Openness to learning about Docker for containerisation and Jenkins for CI/CD processes.

Cloud Platforms:

  • Solid knowledge of cloud computing concepts.

  • Preferred platforms: AWS or Azure.


1. Is there a sample challenge that I can participate in?

Yes, there is a sample challenge that you can participate in to understand how to participate in programming challenges on HackerEarth. The challenge contains detailed information about how programming questions should be attempted and details about the HackerEarth judge.

2. Where is the challenge happening?

This challenge is completely online. After the start date/time, you can visit this page and participate in the challenge.

3. Will I get a reminder notification before the challenge starts?

Every challenge has a Facebook event page. If you join the event, you will receive a notification through Facebook on the day of the event.

4. How do I participate in the challenge?

To participate in the challenge, after the start date/time, visit this page and click the 'Participate in Challenge' button.

5. How does the time limit work?

Every challenge has a start and end time that is mentioned on the challenge page. Most challenges are of a duration of 12 hours. You can join the challenge any time before the end time. However, irrespective of when you joined, the code will have to be submitted within 12 hours of joining the challenge.

6. How are task-based problems evaluated?

The submissions will be evaluated manually by an expert based on the following parameters:

a. Functionality of the app

b. Design aesthetics

c. Code quality

7. When will I get the result?

The evaluation of submissions can take up to a week's time as they are evaluated manually.

8. What will happen in case of Internet disconnections/re-logins?

If something goes wrong with your computer or your Internet connection is disconnected, then your earlier submissions will not be lost. All the answers are stored on our servers. You can log in again on our website and continue coding from where you left.

However, the timer will continue running. Thus, ensure that you use a computer or a browser that you know works properly.

9. Where can I host my application?

There are many free cloud providers such as AWS, OpenShift, or Hiroku that you can use to host your application.

10. What happens if I indulge in plagiarism?

At HackerEarth, we take cheating/plagiarism very seriously. For more information about consequences of cheating, read our plagiarism policy.

11. After I have submitted the task, can I come back and change my submission?

You will not be able to modify the submission in the following cases:

a. When you press the 'Finish' button (that's when you finish the test)

b. When you run out of time (timer ends)

However, you can navigate freely across the questions, and submit your solution again for any question that can be accessed by clicking on the "Submit Answer & Continue" button. This can be done multiple times. Remeber that by doing this, your earlier submissions will be replaced.

While there is no limit on the number of times you can submit an answer to a question (which you can view/edit), some sections of your test may timed sections. After the time limit has been exceeded, you will not be able change your answers for the questions in that section.

12. Who should I approach if I face an issue during a live challenge?

For queries/issues/support, contact us via:

b. IRC (Freenote network) at #hackerearth where we are live during the challenge duration

13. Will I get the result of the challenge?

The result of shortlisted candidates is based on the eligibility criteria. This will be announced on the Hiring Challenge page>Announcement section. There will be a further evaluation of the skills of the shortlisted candidates skills by the company based on company's requirements.

14. Will I be informed if I am shortlisted for the job?

The result of shortlisted candidates is based on the eligibility criteria. This will be announced on the Hiring Challenge page>Announcement section within a week after the challenge is closed. Your total score and breakup, along with the evaluator's review comments, will be published. Being shortlisted does not guarantee a job. Whether you are sent an offer or not is subject to company's criteria and requirements.

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